CBP 052: How to Break Into a Niche Market & Generate Loads of New Patients with Both Offline and Online Marketing

As competition increases, POPTS and hospital systems horde referrals, and profit margins are squeezed by declining insurance reimbursements, targeting a niche market in which you become the “go-to practice” can be a business-saving move.

In this episode, I answer the question of how Carter Physiotherapy is breaking into the ‘Running’ niche market in Austin Texas, and how you can apply the same methods to target any niche in your area.

My answer takes about 40 minutes to complete so get our your notepad.

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In this episode, you’ll learn about:

  • The most important criteria you need to consider when choosing a niche market.
  • The niche market I will be targeting after I get the ball fully rolling with the Running niche.
  • My definition of “Lead Generation” and how it can be skillfully used in both offline and online marketing.
  • How offline and online marketing can support one another, if you’re doing them correctly.
  • A past offline marketing attempt I made that was a complete failure.
  • The six (6) different OFFline marketing strategies we are using in our niche, and specifically what we are doing to be successful with each one.
  • How I obtained the contact information of 30 leads in a recent 5-minute presentation and 40 prospective customers at a recent running event.
  • Vital things to analyze when considering a sponsorship of any group within your niche.
  • The various “lead magnets” I’m using to attract prospective running customers and patients.
  • The ONline marketing methods I’m using to target the running niche and how you can apply them to your business.
  • A vital thing to know if you are using (or thinking of using) Google Adwords.
  • Skillfull and lesser known ways to use Facebook to generate business … and not just via your company’s Facebook page!
  • How we are using and targeting Facebook Ads to generate running clients for my practice.
  • Facebook “Re-targeting” methods and how we’ll be using this incredibly powerful marketing tool.
  • What NOT to do if you are going to attempt using Facebook ads for your practice.

 Resources and Links mentioned in this episode: 

  • The Free Running Evaluation software we use: Kinovea


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