CBP 055: Interview with Direct Primary Care Physician Michael Garrett MD

This interview was done in-person with “direct primary care” physician Michael Garrett, MD who has a private medical practice just down the road from my PT clinic in Austin Texas. He is part of the “direct primary care” movement in which patients pay a monthly fee for unlimited access to his services.michael-garrett-headshot

In this episode, you’ll learn about:

  • How I (Jarod) educate my physician referral sources on how to speak with patients about my services, the fact that Carter Physiotherapy is not in-network with insurances, and how this can actually be cheaper for them in some cases.
  • How he started his direct-pay medical practice while still working multiple shifts per week in an ER.
  • Why he wanted to avoid the insurance-based practice model.
  • How he is able to operate large amounts of his patient interactions digitally without the patient always having to come see him at the clinic.
  • Why many patients prefer secure texting versus video conferencing for remote/tele-evaluations.
  • The variety of terms used synonymously with cash-based practice.
  • The differences between “direct primary care” and a “concierge” medical practice.
  • How he sets his Direct Primary Care fees and saves his patients money.
  • Why he really doesn’t see many people over-utilize his services even though the monthly fee includes unlimited visits
  • What a “sharing ministry” insurance plan is, and why it has become more popular since the inception of the Affordable Care Act.
  • How he is choosing the total number of patients he plans to accept.
  • His guarantee to see patients within 1 day of calling for an appointment.
  • The different ways he markets his practice and a brilliant (and free) way that certain Facebook groups have produced direct-pay patients for him.

Resources and Links mentioned in this episode:

Click Here to learn how to start your own Cash-Based Practice

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