CBP 56: The Unforeseen Challenges of Growing from Solo Practitioner to Business Owner – Reverse Interview with Paul Gough

In this reverse interview, I’m fielding questions from Paul Gough about my first year of expanding from solo-practitioner to hiring staff and becoming a multi-therapist practice owner. We especially dive into the things I would have done differently as well as the decisions I’m very happy I made, so I think this episode will be quite relevant to any current or future practice owner out there.

Paul Gough and Jarod Carter - the unforseen challenges of growing a cash practice

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The single biggest difference between being a “successful solo practitioner” and successful business owner, and what I wish I had known before starting the transition.
  • My biggest piece of advice for those looking to hire their first clinician.
  • Why the low-risk compensation arrangements can hinder your practice growth in the long-term.
  • What I wish I had done in the years leading up to this expansion of my practice.
  • The pains and struggles of competing with a free national health care service in the UK – and how Paul overcame feeling ‘stuck’ not being able to grow his business any further
  • How to make a plan of action that’ll let you have enough money to hire your first staff member
  • Why what you say on your website about how good you are, could be costing you a fortune!
  • How to guide patients to give testimonials that benefit the business … not just you as an individual.
  • How to “embrace” the entrepreneurial journey that every business owner is on – and use it to overcome inevitable obstacles that’ll get in the way!…


[Click to Tweet@thepaulgough Thank you for being a great HOST on this episode of the Cash-Based Practice Podcast with @DrJarodCarter!

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