CBP 57: My Morning Routine, Staff Training Musts, Patient Communication Tips, Cash-Practice Marketing Advice, and Much More

This episode was a blast and is actually a recorded interview from “The Duck Legs Podcast” in which the Hosts and DPT Students, Jared Aguilar and Tyler Adams, ask me a TON of awesome questions … many that I’ve never fielded before.

Duck Legs Podcast

I share my experience on how to grow multiple businesses simultaneously and transition from a self-employed practitioner to a business owner. We get into Texas’ limited Direct Access laws and how we navigate them in a cash-based practice. I also elaborate on how to maximize value for the patient and train my employees to do the same.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why Austin just recently became an even cooler city than it already was
  • What kinds of regulations affect physical therapists in Texas and how I navigate through these obstacles
  • My best advice for giving patients a stellar experience
  • The morning routine I have to maximize efficiency and mood each day
  • Marketing differences when transitioning to the cash-based model and how it affects clientele and referral source selection
  • The mindset change required to shift from working in the insurance-based model to a cash-based model
  • Why it is becoming easier to be successful in the cash-based model than it used to be
  • What to keep in mind when bringing new employees on board in terms of training and communication
  • The unforeseen issues I encountered as a physical therapy business owner and how those issues have changed over the years


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