Physical Therapists:

Are you tired of dealing with Insurance and Medicare regulations, getting terrible reimbursement rates, being constantly faced with piles of paperwork, and having to rush from one patient to the next or see multiple patients at a time?

What if there was a way to avoid the above problems and still make great money in your PT practice?

I too was tired of the above frustrating “realities” of being a Physical Therapist so I decided to change my reality. I started a Cash-Based PT Practice, had a full schedule of patients in less than a year, and have never been happier to be a Physical Therapist. Realizing that many other PTs would like to do the same, or at least add some self-pay services to their practice, I’ve written an eBook to explain exactly how I did it…

My Cash Based Practice by Dr. Jarod Carter has been instrumental in the development of my own cash-based practice. Dr. Carter personally shares valuable and current resources and ideas on marketing, networking and planning. He also includes helpful tips to avoid pitfalls, and he motivates those who are considering or have already begun a cash-based practice. Although the book is based on the creation of a Physical Therapy practice, I have shared pages with my fiancé who could relate and apply strategies to her field of occupation. One added and unexpected bonus with the purchase of this E book was Dr. Carter’s willingness and availability to answer questions along the way. I have currently read it twice and continue to refer to it on a regular basis.

- John Tyschyk, PT, DPT, CSCS ~ Naples, FL

There are a large number of differences between Private-pay practices and traditional Insurance-based practices. If you want to quickly and successfully add cash services to your practice, or have a fully Cash-based practice, you’ll need to know these differences and the vital ways they change how you must manage and market your business.

This eBook is packed with information on the multitude of things you will need to be successful in this practice model…

You'll learn...

If you are not completely satisfied with this eBook and do not feel like it was worth every penny, I will give you a full refund – no questions asked. Fair enough?

  • If you are not completely satisfied with this eBook and do not feel like it was worth every penny, I will give you a full refund – no questions asked. Fair enough?
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Dr Carter,
I am a former PT practice owner who finally sold my practice due to frustration and fatigue with the third party payer system. I listened to an audio interview with you online and immediately bought and read your book. Thank you! It was well thought out and thorough. It was inspiring and has helped me to form my strategy for opening a cash practice in the next few years. I can heartily recommend this book to anyone considering opening a cash practice. I also think it should be included somewhere in the coursework bibliography for students as our profession moves towards autonomous practice. We need more real-time, practice-building instruction in our schools if we are to be the leaders in musculoskeletal dysfunction and optimal wellness/athletic performance.

- Lisa Boudreaux MPT, CSCS ~ New Orleans, LA

Jarod Carter’s willingness to share the success strategy for his Cash-based practice is like having a
do-it-yourself roadmap for a lucrative business! As a Physical Therapist and Clinic Director, I feel that his directions for operating in the cash arena are a fresh look at alternative ways to secure profits in today’s ever-changing world of reimbursement. I would recommend this book to any Physical Therapist that is curious or considering leaving the insurance-based clinical setting and moving towards a more autonomous setting where you have immediate reimbursement and control of treating patients with a best-practices treatment model for the patient AND the Physical Therapist.

- Lex Gillean II, PT, FAAOMPT ~ Lubbock, Texas

There are also Additional Resources and Bonus Materials
that can help make/save you thousands of dollars

I highly recommend Dr. Jarod Carter’s eBook My Cash Based Practice regardless of whether you are opening a cash-based or insurance-based physical therapy practice. This eBook provides you with everything essential to opening a successful practice, from initial start-up to marketing strategies for increasing new patients. So much great and valuable information at such a great price; you will not find a better offer. I am thankful for Dr. Carter for sharing this information, and it greatly assisted me in opening my own cash-based physical therapy practice.

- Ron Miller PT, DPT, OCS ~ Orlando, Florida

I would recommend this eBook to anyone trying to start a PT business and get there name out there (not just for Cash practice owners). I really like the book’s marketing approach and everyone knows word of mouth has the most powerful impact; and almost everybody uses the web so your name will travel even faster. This eBook covers all these things and much more.

-Ran Prince Jr., PT, DPT ~ Lake Charles, Louisiana

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone interested in starting a Cash-based practice, but even to those that already own or are interested in starting an Insurance-based PT practice due to the great information on marketing. This is a great book for any PT as much of our practice
involves referrals, word of mouth, and marketing; and this book addresses all these areas.

-Joey Barnas PT, DPT, MTC, CSCS ~ Gainesville, Florida

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The most typical name for this document is an “eBook,” but a more accurate description is that it is a 60+ page package of information that will guide you through the process of creating a successful Cash-based Physical Therapy practice.

If you answered “Yes” to any the questions at the top of this page, what is keeping you from making a change? This eBook is to not just a guide for starting and running a Cash practice. It is also written to help you determine if this is the right PT practice model for you in the first place.

In the coming years, we will be faced both individually and as a profession with significant challenges. Progressively declining reimbursements will cause damage that many PT clinics are unable to survive. Large Hospital and Corporate-owned practices may have the bargaining power to stay afloat when things get bad, but many smaller practices will likely be pushed out or forced to sell. I imagine that those willing to read this book and take action with this information will fare much better on average. When these challenges and changes are occurring, will you be dependent on reimbursement rates and heavily affected by political decisions? Will you be hurt by overhead-increasing and income-decreasing Medicare rule changes? Will you have the freedom to treat patients in the way you know is most beneficial?

If you’re not yet sure about purchasing the eBook, at least get a FREE copy of one of the book’s subchapters: “Cash-Based Physical Therapy and Medicare – a Comprehensive Guide.” Get instant access to this section of the eBook by entering your email here and clicking “GO.”

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