CBP 58: It’s been a wild ride – A review of the past year in my Cash-Based Practice

The past year and a half has been a wild ride with hiring not only my first staff PT, but a full time office administrator. Last week my office admin resigned and gave me her 1 month’s notice. So I decided to do a podcast episode on all I’ve learned in the past year since hiring my first office administrator, re-negotiating my payment arrangement with my first PT, how I will do things differently moving forward, and how you can avoid the mistakes I’ve made and replicate the successes.

Patient mindset is one of the key components of cash practice success

In this episode:

  • What to look for in your first administrative assistant or practice manager (HINT: It’s not a unicorn!)
  • Why financial management before you hire staff is critical for successful growth
  • Why keeping the long-game in mind can help reduce stress
  • Why I’m re-doing my website this summer
  • Why online marketing campaigns are a give and take, up and down, necessity in the long run
  • My plan for the next several months, including my new podcast that’s in the works
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